Patriots Cove is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in northeastern Pennsylvania and founded by a military veteran and his spouse to empower other veterans, first responders, and their caregivers to heal and adapt to life after service. Through events on our eighteen acre refuge, we provide restorative outdoor activities, environmental service projects, and educational events and retreats for caregivers.


At the heart of our ethos lies a fundamental belief: It's not about us. Our unwavering commitment is to selflessly strive for the betterment of our guests. We understand that our purpose goes far beyond providing one great event; it's about creating memorable experiences, fostering genuine connections, and ensuring the well-being of those who entrust us with their moments. In our unwavering commitment, we seek not only to save lives but also to empower our participants with the knowledge and skills to become life-savers themselves, fostering a community of heroes dedicated to the well-being of all. Every decision we make, every action we take, is rooted in this selfless dedication. We listen intently to our guests, seeking to understand their unique desires, needs, and aspirations. We continuously improve our services, not for our own gain, but to enhance the quality of our guests' lives. Our team members embody this ethos, knowing that their individual contributions are part of a greater mission. We operate with humility, knowing that the spotlight should always be on the people we serve. Through empathy, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we aim to exceed expectations and create an environment where our guests feel valued, respected, and truly cared for. In a world often focused on self-promotion and personal gain, we stand apart by putting others first. We believe that by selflessly working for the good of our guests, we not only enrich their lives but also create a legacy built on integrity, trust, and the enduring satisfaction of knowing that it's not about us; it's about you.


Empower injured Veterans and First Responders to see past their injuries and find a new purpose in life.


Environmental Service Program, Outdoor Program, Caregiver Community Program


We create healing experiences and promote camaraderie through service to others.

Our Mission