About Us

We believe the healing power of nature and camaraderie can be transformative in the lives of Patriots and Caregivers.

Patriots Cove was founded by a military veteran and his spouse to help other Veterans, First Responders, and their Caregivers heal and adapt to life after service. Nestled in the northeast mountains of Pennsylvania, Patriots Cove is an 18-acre refuge with a trout stream and fruit orchard. The property is wheelchair accessible with a lodge home, activities center, pavilion, fishing docks, trails, rest areas and fire pit.


Cove fishing retreats and caregiver activities are exclusive to those ill or injured in the line of duty, as well as those caring and advocating for their needs. Outdoor and Caregiver Community events provide free meals, lodging, fishing, and hunting equipment.


Our organization is much more than a destination spot for fun vacations, we create healing experiences and promote camaraderie through service to others. Environmental service projects not only provide a new mission for Patriots and Caregivers, but bring good samaritans together to improve the community and Beaver Run waterway. Patriots and Caregivers can also get involved as fishing guides, mentors and volunteers. Our mission is to serve those who have served by healing visible and invisible wounds and empowering those we serve by giving them a new purpose in life.


Empower injured Veterans to see past their injuries and find a new purpose in life.


Environmental Service Program, Outdoor Program, Caregiver Community Program


We create healing experiences and promote camaraderie through service to others.

We empower Caregivers with the network and resources necessary to successfully care and advocate for their injured Patriots, while promoting their own well-being.

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